We know what drives you 
Your Direct Buy membership offers a unique, hassle-free way to buy your next vehicle.  With traditional auto sales, many people feel they will be talked into one of the cars that happens to be on the lot, not the vehicle they really want.  With Online Car Finders, you choose the year, make, model, color, mileage, and options you want on your vehicle.  We are not selling you a vehicle, we offer a 1 on 1 service to help you buy the vehicle you want.  We are your outlet to wholesale prices, saving you time and money. 
Online Car Finders can find the vehicle you request through our nationwide access to over 150,000 vehicles each week at over 200 dealer exclusive auctions.  We scan through all the vehicles that match your request and only offer you the cleanest vehicles.  All vehicles will have a clean carfax, a condition report, mechanical and electrical inspections, and pictures.   
Why spend your time and energy running from dealer to dealer, when we can purchase at auction level saving you thousands?  Plus we will get the vehicle delivered right to your door!

Let Online Car Finders do the work for you! From start to finish,

STEP ONE. Fill out our Request Vehicle Form.
STEP TWO. We will then do a thorough market analyis of
the vehicle that you are looking for, and we will be able to
tell you within $500 what this vehicle will cost you. We
will call you at your convenience and go over your

STEP THREE. We will then send you a package on how to deal with us and what protections you have. If you are ready to start saving thousands,then click on How to Deal with Online Car Finders now to download the package.